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Below are the three reasons why Black government workers like you stay at the same grade or classification for years...

  ...and are still struggling to break through that glass ceiling.

  You keep doing what is clearly not working for you. The results you want are not there. It’s because the approach you’re taking with your job and your career is broken. Or worse – you KNOW it’s broken, but you’re not doing anything to change it. And every day you fail to change this reality digs the hole deeper.

  You don't stand out from the crowd. You’ve been told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it - and you don't do anything more. The problem is everyone else is doing it that way too. You’re getting passed over for opportunities and promotions because you’re like vanilla ice cream: you're nothing spectacular, and you get passed over for something more exciting.

  You’re not growing. You receive suggestions and feedback on how to improve. You see examples of others doing exceptional work. You're given advice and counsel on how to make better decisions. You’re even offered free help. But you’re not taking advantage. If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. There is no middle ground.

  Let me give you the real reason why you’re not moving up in your government career. This is the root of the issue behind why you’re stuck and not getting anywhere:

  You're avoiding the real problem staring back at you in the mirror.

  And the root of your issue lies in the basic truth that you are in the 95%. You think like the masses.

 Face it: 95% of the people you work with often remain unsuccessful for a lifetime.

  And since you are in the 95%, your thinking is what is keeping you right where you are with no hope for change.

  It's the same thinking that's keeping you financially broke because you are not getting to the next salary level…

  ...the same thinking that's keeping you at the same grade or classification longer than you want to be there...

  ...the same thinking that's keeping you in a position that does not value you or your efforts…

  …the same thinking that's keeping you in a state of frustration when you're passed over for a promotion by other applicants who are less experienced or less qualified than you (specifically the White competition)...

  ...the same thinking that's left you awake at night because you're struggling to balance work while taking care of your family...

 ...the same thinking that is suffering from being overworked, overwhelmed, or underappreciated...

 ...or the same thinking that has you feeling like you're on the hamster wheel - stuck doing mindless, repetitive, stressful, unrewarding work - and getting nowhere.

  Maybe even getting nowhere fast.

  And since you're Black, you know there are extra challenges that you will have to face that no one else does. Like racism. Like discrimination. Like implicit bias. Like the effects of White privilege in the workplace.

  How about the questions in your head about whether the color of your skin has anything to do with not getting a promotion?

  What about the thoughts you have behind whether you are getting the same treatment, respect, fairness, dignity, and recognition that your White coworkers receive?

 What about the feeling you have working in an environment where the higher up you go, the fewer Black people you see?

   And all the while your back is pressed up against the glass ceiling with nowhere to go.

  Here's something else for you to seriously think about if you've been working for the government for a while:

  Take any hundred people at the start of their civil service careers, and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age, and here’s what you’ll find, according to the Social Security Administration:

  • Only 1 will be wealthy…

  • 4 will be financially secure…

  • 5 will continue working – not because they want to, but because they have to…

  • 36 will be dead prematurely…

  • And 54 will be dead broke – dependent on their limited Social Security checks, relatives, friends, or even charity for a minimum standard of living.

  5% successful - 95% unsuccessful. A huge gap.

 The truth is you're somewhere in that 95%. By the time you're ready to file those retirement papers, you'll likely be broke. If you make it that far.

  Even if you do make it that far, you might not be able to afford to live off your retirement, which means you'll have to keep working - even though you don't want to - until the government tells you to stop. If you get that far. 

   You also need to think about this:

  The famous playwright, George Bernard Shaw, once made this important revelation:

  • 2% of the people think…

  • 3% of the people think they think…

  • 95% of the people would rather die than think…

   Marinate on that: 5% who think - 95% who choose not to think.

   Still the same extremely massive gap.

  Only 5% of the people you work with or come across each day are regularly taking action to get the outcomes they want, changing their present conditions and circumstances, and creating a more successful future.

  Let me put this another way: if you're not actively trying to figure out how you can take action to reach your goals, you are bound to be unsuccessful in your life and career. Just like the rest of the 95%.

   And since you are a part of the 95%, it’s highly likely that you would rather die than think...

  ...meaning you would rather stay stuck in your ways than change...

  ...and continue doing things in the same way you've always done them...

  ...with the exact same beliefs you've always held about why you don't have what you have...

  ...with the same thinking you've always had, yet hoping that you don’t die sooner.

  You can be sure that doing the same things in the same way using the same thinking will get you nothing but the same results that keep you for years - or decades - in the 95%.

  And you wonder why you can’t get ahead.

You do have a choice: either do something about it, or do nothing.

  You can do something about it by changing the quality of your thinking and start to get ahead by getting unstuck in your career,  eliminating fear and worry in your life, destroying the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, developing your skill set to make you more valuable in your position, and taking control of your future. 

  Or simply do nothing to change your thinking, stay exactly where you are, and get exactly what your current level of thinking brings you: the same results.

  Those same results will only bring about even more of the same misery and hopelessness you've been feeling this whole time...

 ...the same disappointment you experience every time you get passed over when you thought you were next in line for that open position...

 ...the same heartache you feel every time you have to work overtime to pay bills, only to end up disappointing your family by not showing up for dinner on time...

 ...the same overwhelming frustration you feel when someone perceived you as being "angry" when you were only trying to stand up for yourself and your rights.

 ...all of this and more while performing the same work duties, under the same supervisor or manager, in the same cubicle or desk, in the same office or branch, taking the same commute to work.

  Year after year. Decade after decade. Until you retire. If you get that far.

   And what happens after that?

   Getting a pension and 401(k) that are barely enough to support yourself or your family during your senior years?

   And we don't even want to go there on what your health will be like at that time.

   Let's be clear: deciding to do nothing is still a choice. You're just deciding not to change - which is a decision to go backwards.

   It all boils down to the quality of thinking you're bringing to your life.

   John C. Maxwell, best-selling author and the world’s leading authority on leadership, once said that if he could do one thing for people, it would be to teach them how to think.

   That’s where I can help. Believe me, you will need it if you're going to have a successful civil service career.

   Racism and discrimination will always be here. But you can still advance your career in spite of those obstacles. You can rise above them.

   Doors to opportunity may seem closed right now. But you still make moves in spite of the doors being closed. You can push through them.

   You can be more aware, confident, mentally clear, focused, hopeful, and successful. You can be a new you.

   It's possible. It can happen. And it can happen for you.

   And the best part? You've got help with me. I can show you the way.

What I'm proposing to you...

     Let me make something clear to you: if you are reading this, and you're someone who makes excuses or blames others for where you are in your career or life...

     ...or you are not motivated to grow or willing to invest in yourself...

     ...or you have a negative mindset or attitude...

     ...or you are not coachable...

     ...this is clearly not for you, and you might as well move on to the next website.

     However, I'm 100% here for you 100% if you are a Black civil service worker in either Federal or State government...

     ...someone who has that burning desire to end the day-to-day pain that you experience in being stuck where you are in your career...

     ...someone who is motivated to putting in the work to have more - more success, more realized potential, more satisfaction, more fulfillment, more balance...

     ...someone who wants to move up to a higher classification, grade, leadership level, or growth opportunity.

    If you are a time-waster, or simply want to dabble and “feel it out”, do yourself a favor and leave NOW. I'm not for you.

    But if you are serious about what you want in life, and are willing to bet on, back, and believe in yourself…

    ...don't wait another second. Click on the button below, start climbing with me, and we'll see how far up the mountain goes.

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Who am I, and why does it even matter?

   My name is Greg Brinkley. I used to be where you are. I started my government career under the totem pole. I worked literally from the ground up in my former civil service career - from the mailroom to the boardroom. 

   What I'm here to do is help success-driven Black civil service professionals like you to reach the goals you've set and get the results you want in your career - as well as your life. I've been there there and done that. I know how it's done, and I can show you how to do it.

   You'll see how your job skills can improve, how your presence can be influential, and how you can stand out from the crowd - including your White coworkers - when it's time to apply for that promotion.

   You don't have to trust me right now. I'm looking for you to test me on this. Are you bold enough to test me?

   The only things you have to lose are hope, time, and progress in reaching your career and life goals if you don't step out on faith and take me up on what I'm offering you.

   However...if you are bold and courageous enough to test me, I guarantee that you will not regret this step into a new reality and future for yourself.

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  • Have more time for family, friends, and recreation

  • Eliminate stress, worry, and fear

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Read what some of my past clients have said about what I did for them: 

   So what decision will you make now?

   You can stay in your current situation, keep running on the same crowded road as the 95%, and keep getting exactly the same results.

   Every. Single. Time. For years on end.

   Or...take the "road less traveled" by clicking on the red button, and begin your journey to transform your life and career...

   ...experiencing what the 5% experience: fulfillment, balance, and - most importantly - the results and success you really want. 

   When it comes to the salary you want, the position you crave, and the life you want for yourself and your family... simple question to you is this:

How bad do you want it?

   If you're ready and you're serious, stop wasting time and energy doing things the same way that others do.

   Take a new, different, and more successful approach. Do what other Black government  professionals - and even other White government professionals - are either not willing or brave enough to do. 

   It's time for you to step out on faith and make it happen. It's time to stop talking about it and be about it. The ball is in your court now.

   Click the red button below to join me, and let's start climbing.


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"Before I started working with Greg, I felt my life was getting out of hand and felt like I had no direction. Not only was I unsure about what I wanted in my career, I wasn’t satisfied with how my spirituality and some relationships in my life were panning out. When Greg offered his services, I took him up on that offer because I believed I could trust him. The sessions with him are very eye-opening and challenge me to discover what I’ve had inside of me this whole time. As I shared during the sessions, I began to see changes in myself. My perspective and thinking changed dramatically after only a couple of sessions. After working with Greg, I am much happier and more excited than when I started. I’ve come to a place of better understanding and clarity in what my next steps will be moving forward. I highly recommend Greg as a coach to anyone who feels stuck, misguided, or unsure about something. He has helped me break through those feelings, so I’m positive he can get you through as well!"

Hadiya Anderson
Fashion Designer/Stylist

"I had the opportunity to have Greg as my coach for several months. I was going through some tough changes in my life, moving back to my country after being 4 years away, and also the pandemic hit at the same time. Greg was able to coach me through these changes and managed to help me keep in track with my own leadership and coaching business. During this time, Greg showed great listening skills and powerful coaching skills that enabled enhanced growth. He is a good-hearted person with an awesome skill set to help boost growth. I am very grateful that Greg was my coach and would not hesitate to recommend his work. If you are searching for someone who can take you to the next level in your growth, someone who truly believes in you, and someone who is good hearted, you will find in Greg all of that."

Luis Flores Salas
Life & Leadership Coach/Mentor/ Trainer

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