So I see that you want to know more about me. Excellent.

You've reached this page because you're currently struggling or stuck in your career.

  And you came to this page because you think I may be able to help you with these challenges. And you're right. I can help.

  Here's why I know I can help - and why you should care.

  I know what it's like to struggle and be stuck in a government job.

 I’ve been passed over for promotional opportunities - too many times to count. I recall being passed over for an in-house position, but it was given to someone who had less time on the job, did not know the job as well as I did, and did not have nearly as many connections within the branch as I did. But he was perceived to be an up-and-coming star in the making because he was White.

 Despite the fact that I was receiving glowing remarks on performance appraisals, volunteering for extra assignments, consulting management staff on workload production issues, and serving in a team coordinator position overseeing doctors and senior-level examiners…THIS guy gets the position.

   I had a branch chief tell me to my face that sleeping on the job is “a fire-able offense”…when, in fact, other coworkers literally made pallets under their desks and slept for an hour or two…with no reprimand.

   I was told not to work too hard or too fast because management would just give me more work from another underperforming coworker. It just told me that I would be the one penalized - not the underperforming person - for doing my work well and efficiently. 

  When I dealt with significant family and personal challenges and struggled with my work, I was put on leave counseling at one time and a performance plan at another. But there were other coworkers who did not get the same treatment.

  I’ve been held back from a lateral promotion because a branch chief said it wasn’t fair to allow me to leave and have my coworkers absorb my caseload. She told me she had the right to keep me from reporting to the new position for as long as she wanted, and threatened to do so.

  And like I said before, I started my government career under the totem pole. I started in the mailroom and not permitted to handle the mail machines. 

  But I rose through the ranks through multiple agencies, went from State  to Federal employment, and rose through the ranks there as well.

  And I did all of that without sacrificing my overall dignity, integrity, spirituality, or Blackness.

  So I am uniquely qualified to show you how to do it too without sacrificing those things as well. In fact, even if you're struggling in those areas, I can help there too.

  In the long run, who cares what I've done? What really matters is what I can do for you.

  If you really want to know more about what I can do for you, click the red button. I'll take over from there.

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